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Ajitsuke Kampyo is a pickled gourd for making sushi or  edo style Japanese cuisine.

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Ajitsuke Kanpyo Pumpkin is a pickled gourd with pumpkin flavor.

Its range of use includes making large sushi rolls or any type of edo style Japanese cuisine.

Kanpyo are dried shavings of Lagenaria siceraria var. hispida, a variety of calabash gourd. Kanpyo is an ingredient in traditional Edo style Japanese cuisine. Cooked and flavored kanpyo is commonly used in sushi rolls.

Kanpyo was originally grown in the Osaka region. Now it is a specialty product of Tochigi Prefecture.

The gourd is harvested between late July and September. The white flesh of the gourd is cut into strips 3 centimeters wide and 3 millimeters thick, then either dried in the sun or dehydrated.

Over 200 tons a year of dried kanpyo are produced per year. Kanpyo available in the United States is sometimes chemically bleach-dried to a very white color, as opposed to the creamy color of the naturally-dried kind.

In addition to being the focus of many dishes, kanpyo strips are frequently used as an edible twist tie in dishes. Typically the dried strips are boiled to soften, and then boiled a second time with soy sauce, sugar, and other ingredients added for flavor.

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