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Oranges can be enjoyed as a fruit. It can be used just as a simple snack, or part of a fruit sallad or even in your cooking. Whatever your requirement for oranges, we have them here, always fresh and with a delicious taste.

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Oranges are a delicious citrus fruit. What many people do not know is that the orange originates from Southeast Asia. Today its grown in many parts of the world. Another fun fact is that the color orange actually got its name from the orange, which in French is called orange.

Orange as a word derives from Sanskrit – “orange tree” (नारङ्ग nāraṅga). Originally the general belief is that the word derives from Dravidian, a southern Indian language. The word reached European languages ​​in the late Middle Ages through Persian (نارنگ nārang) and Arabic (نارنج nāranj). The initial n-sound of the English and French fruit names was released over time, but remains in the Spanish “naranja”. When the fruit was introduced by Portuguese traders in several European countries, it has been named after them, as in Greek πορτοκάλι and Turkish portakal.

The Swedish name “apelsin” comes from medieval Dutch and German appelsina/appelsine, which means “apple [from] China”.